Convenience Line Neutral Cleaner

064658 2 – 90/0.5 oz. packs. 10097146005515

Product Description

Neutral Cleaner cleans floors without harming their finish. With Neutral Cleaner, specially formulated for professional use, soil is loosened and removed in high-traffic areas, while protecting high gloss, high solids finishes. Neutral Cleaner is ideal for cleaning surfaces ranging from terrazzo, marble, slate, vinyl and vinyl asbestos to asphalt, ceramic and quarry tiles. The phosphate-free formula leaves no dulling film, even without rinsing. This product combines the advantages of pre-measured with water-solubility. The foaming action guarantees that both the cleaner and the packet will dissolve, quickly and completely.

Convenience Line Neutral Cleaner Tech Sheet

Convenience Line Neutral Cleaner SDS