ëkcos™ powërscreen™

Orange/Tropical PWR-4O-10 0855419003995
Blue/Fresh PWR-3B-10 0855419003988
Purple/Berry PWR-1P-10 0855419003964
Green/Apple PWR-2G-10 0855419003971
Red/Melon PWR-10R-10 0855419003636
Purple/Lavender PWR-12P-10 0855419003179
Product Description

powërscreen features revolutionary patented Sealed Bristle Technology™ that prevents splashback while reducing odors, improving the hygiene in both water and waterless urinals. Its powerful fragrances last 30+ days, making it ideal for monthly maintenance programs. Designed for use in high traffic public restrooms.

Pack Size: 1 box contains 10 screens – 5 packs of 2 screens

Approvals: Patented: US 8856977, NAFTA

ëkcos™ powërscreen™ Tech Sheet

ëkcos™ powërscreen™ SDS