Misco Genesis™ GX-1000

076913 4/1 gal. 10097146015637
Product Description

Genesis™ GX-1000 is designed to keep your ultra high speed burnished floors looking terrific day after day. Used periodically, GX-1000 will restore the buff response of your Genesis™ floor care system. GX-1000 helps maintain a continuous “wet look” on the floor without risking finish buildup. It fills in the surface scratches and scuffs so that the finish achieves a smoother, deeper gloss when buffed. GX-1000’s blend of thermoplastic polymers and plasticizers also helps minimize powdering during buffing. Meets ASTM D2047-82 requirements for slip resistance.

Misco Genesis™ GX-1000 Tech Sheet

Misco Genesis™ GX-1000 SDS