Misco Genesis™ GX-2001

076905 5 gal. BIB 00097146015661
Product Description

GX-2001 is a long lasting, high gloss sealer/finish specifically formulated for easy care of most non-resilient floors — it can be applied, maintained or removed like any conventional floor finish. This one product seals and finishes while being excellent at leveling and leaving a brilliant gloss. It resists scuffing, heel marks and dirt embedment. It is detergent resistant and responsive to buffing and burnishing. Use on terrazzo, quarry tile, brick, slate, unglazed ceramic and Mexican tile. Not recommended for use on glazed ceramic tile. For concrete and marble, use a recommended MISCO sealer before applying GX-2001. GX-2001 can also be used on resilient floors.

Misco Genesis™ GX-2001 Tech Sheet

Misco Genesis™ GX-2001 SDS