Surety™ Tub and Tile Cleaner

5492278 4/2 qt. 10843787002914
Product Description

Surety™ Tub & Tile Cleaner is a non-corrosive, mild acid restroom cleaner. It is an excellent daily use cleaner to remove all types of soils from restroom fixtures, tiles, shower doors and any other water washable surface. With regular use, this product will help control hard water scale and soap scum that can result from minerals in the water. This tub and tile cleaner promotes sheeting action. Water runs off vertical surfaces without beading, leaving a streak-free finish. Bathroom fixtures will dry spot free and sparkling.

Approvals: None
Certification: Green Seal™

Surety™ Tub and Tile Cleaner Tech Sheet

Surety™ Tub and Tile Cleaner SDS